History of Community Living North Perth

Presently named Community Living North Perth, this organization is funded by the provincial government through the Ministry of Community and Social Services, and has been in existence since 1958 - incorporated since 1971.

It began in 1958 as a group of concerned parents in need of a school for their children labeled with a developmental disability. It has evolved into an organization that is committed to providing unique, individualized support to people with a developmental disability in partnership with their family, their friends and their community.

Community Living North Perth provides supports to adults with a developmental disability who live or are looking to live in North Perth. These supports can range from 30 minutes a week helping to balance the cheque book to 24-hours a day helping with cooking, personal care, and anything else anyone needs to do in a day. The people supported live in their own apartments or houses, with their spouses, their roommates, on their own, with their siblings, or their parents. The key to the supports offered by Community Living North Perth is the individuality for each person. All supports are 1 to 1 unless requested not to be or not financially possible. Those few instances aside where supports are not 1:1, the person being supported drives everything. Employees of Community Living North Perth (38 people in roles of Support Workers and Support Coordinators) are to listen to what a person wants out of life and then help them formulate a plan to reach their goals and dreams.

The ultimate goal of Community Living North Perth is a community we all want to live in - where diversity is honoured – where people matter – citizenship matters – and human rights are upheld.”

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