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Nominated for North Perth Service Organization of the Year 2012 + 2013


Everyone with a developmental disability receives support in their community of choice.


We are dedicated to providing personalized support for adults with a developmental disability.



Community Living North Perth believes that...

Each person's individuality, his or her unique gifts, talents, preferences, and differences must be honored, respected and valued.

People have the right to make self-determined and safe, informed choices and that the right should be respected by everyone.

Quality of life is determined by the individual, their family, caregivers and/or friends.

People who have a developmental disability have the same right as other members of society to participate in community life and to realize their individual potential for physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.
A welcoming organization is crucial to the support we provide to individuals, in partnership with their families, caregivers and friends as well as their community.

Supports for people who have a developmental disability must:
• Focus on increased independence, employment, voluntary and recreational opportunities in the community
• Create opportunities in everyday life that are the same, or as close as possible, to norms and patterns that are valued in the general community
• Be tailored to meet individual needs and goals
• Be designed and administered in ways that respect the rights of people who have a developmental disability to privacy and confidentiality
• Promote safety, especially for those who may be at risk.





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