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Community Living North Perth participates in VOICES in Perth County.

VOICES is a developmental services project funded through the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. Our mandate is to provide a way for  people to learn to speak up, feel strong and feel connected to others... whether that's together in advocacy, support groups, or as an individual.

Currenlty the components of VOICES include:

  • Leadership Training for transitional aged youth

  • Commuity information forums

  • Development of community resources


Eligibility and cost...

  • You are a youth or young adult under the age of 25

  • Have a developmental disability

  • Live in Perth County

  • There is no fee for the training


Moving on Workshop                   Transition Workshop                Personal Development

Rights and Responsibilities              Relationships                                Living with Character

Needs vs. Wants                            Living Arrangements                    Feelings and Emotions

Teamwork                                        Employment                                   Relationships

Communications                           Community Resources                 Standing Up for yourself

Future Planning                              Future Planning                              Future Planning

Celebration                                     Celebration                                      Celebration


For more information about VOICES in Perth County, please contact Amy Powell at voicesperth@gmail.com or visit on Facebook


Download the brochure HERE + HERE








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Community Living North Perth is a not-for-profit charity. We champion and advocate for the inclusion and citizenship of  people with developmental disabilities in North Perth.