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Community Living North Perth offers Summer Supports to highschool students with a developmental disability living in North Perth for July and August.  

This is an opportunity for students to experience a "typical" teenage summer, concentrating on recreation, employment, volunteering and increasing independence

This support service is for students aged 14-21 who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability and are living in the North Perth area.

Where: Summer Supports are provided through Community Living North Perth, based within the community of North Perth.

When: July and August.

If you are interested in Summer Supports, please contact summersupport@clnorthperth.ca

 Summer Supports from Community Living North Perth

• Summer Supports are available for people with a developmental disability between the ages of 14 and 21 who reside in North Perth. These people are typically attending high school at Listowel District Secondary School and quite often do so until the age of 21.

• Being under the age of 18 these people don’t have the ability to have Ministry of Community Social Services funding in their lives to purchase supports, so therefore, don’t have the ability to enhance their supports during summer vacation to pursue typical teenage endeavours. Those that are between the ages of 18 and 21 could have MCSS funding for supports in their lives but given the financial landscape within MCSS, there is no funding available, typically, and remain on a waitlist with many others looking for funding to purchase services.

• Summer Supports offers these students the opportunity to undertake 2 major avenues in their young lives – the pursuit of typical teenage summers and the beginning steps of navigation of the Social Service world toward future planning and support funding for when they leave school life.

Future Planning and Support Funding

Summer Supports also offers the opportunity to meet and spend time with students and their families who, one day, may need adult support services in their lives on an on-going basis. Meeting these students and their families when they are 14 and 15 offers the time to assist them to connect to Developmental Services Ontario to complete the application process for adult services. Typically, the wait for any funding at all can take up to 5-6 years. During these years more time spent with the students and their families also assists to go through the future planning of where these students and their families would like to see their lives after school life is over and, hopefully, MCSS funding is in place. This gives the time for students and families to identify more independent living skills that they can foresee needing to learn such as cooking, laundry, personal care, household financial management etc. that can be intermixed within their other summer supports to be learned and these skills of independent living will hold them in good stead for life at 21 and after.

Summer Support Staff and Expenses

Summer Supports is led by the hiring of an existing Community Living North Perth Employee for approximately 240 hours throughout the late spring and summer to be the Summer Support Coordinator. The Coordinator does the hiring and orientation of the Summer Support Staff as well as the orientation for the participating students and families. Then, throughout the summer the Coordinator will oversee all aspects of the supports provided to the students on a regular but intermittent basis until September. The Coordinator will also provide an entire overview of the Summer Supports of the present year to the Board of Directors in September. The Coordinator is given further support from an existing Manager at Community Living North Perth regarding any difficulties that may arise throughout the entire process and this is at no cost to the Summer Support budget.

The Summer Support Staff work approximately 440 hours each from early June to September initially working through orientation and training opportunities and then from July to the end of August spending their entire workweek providing supports to the students in their pursuit of their identified summer goals. The Summer Support Staff are college/university students either just going or returning to pursue Human Services. This also enables Community Living North Perth to train our future employees, we have had many students employed throughout the summer apply for Part time work, and some past summer employees are now employed full time.

The major expense of the Summer Supports is transportation. Given the rural community that North Perth is (approximately 20 kilometers from north to south and approximately 15 kilometers from east to west), transportation is a costly but necessary amenity to have at each employee’s disposal to ensure that students can access North Perth in a timely and safe fashion. North Perth does not have any public transit so the prospect of accessing the community of North Perth independent from the supports would be impracticality. 3 vehicles are leased for the Summer Support Staff to provide transportation to and from identified destinations, but given the ever-rising cost of gas; it is instilled in the students and their Support Staff that the vehicles are not to be used as activities themselves.


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Community Living North Perth uses a person centred approach to supporting people to live as independently as possible. This approach truly reflects and meets the needs and capabilities of each person.