Our Services

Community Living North Perth offers the following supports to adults with a developmental disability in North Perth:

  • Passport Funded Support Provision

  • Supported Independent Living

  • Community Participation

  • Group Living Accommodation

  • Employment/Job Coaching

  • Person Centred Approach

Applying for Service

In 2011, the Ministry of Community Social Services began a project to transition access to adult developmental services to a single access point, Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). Individuals and their families applying for any ministry-funded developmental services and supports for the first time, MUST contact the DSO in their region. The DSO will confirm the person’s eligibility for supports and services and will complete the application package to assess the person’s needs.

People who were already receiving service or support, prior to  July 2011, or who have applied and are waiting for services and supports WILL NOT need to re-confirm their eligibility. If they have not yet had a new application package completed by a qualified assessor, this will be done by the DSO at a future date.

For more information, please visit the Developmental Services Ontario website.

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