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Anyone will tell you that making the right connections, at the right time, in the right manner is very important for any organization and at Community Living North Perth we believe that having a website will help us better connect to the people we support, our staff and our community.

"Building an online 'home' where people can visit and spend time getting to know us, interact and communicate with us, understand and appreciate the work we do and the people we support, was very important for us to construct and then offer out to the community" said Executive Director, Mike Town." This is a great community and a vast one and in our efforts to be better connected to such a large area with a spread out population, we saw tremendous value in creating a place where everyone could be our 'next door neighbour' even if it is a cyber neighbourhood."

The website will be a great information portal for everyone in North Perth. By using the website as an information portal Community Living North Perth can quickly and effectively reach out to Atwood, Elma, Listowel, Monkton, Wallace and beyond, with the click of a few buttons. Community members will be able to quickly find information about the programs and services offered at Community Living North Perth as well as how to access the programs and services. Information about the Developmental Services sector and how it applies to people with intellectual disabilities and their families can easily be found by surfing through the easy to use site navigation.

"It's easy to use, it contains a lot of pertinent information and we're hopeful that the community will visit the site and find out more information about us. Things like what we're doing both locally and provincially, how to get involved either by volunteering with us or supporting us through financial donations or participating in any of our great fundraising events" said Board President Mary Jane Bender. "The site will also be used to raise awareness of a career in the Developmental Services sector. We have a brilliant bunch of enthusiastic and committed staff here, we're a great employer and having a career in this sector is very rewarding and satisfying."

Heartfelt thanks goes to Community Living Middlesex and Sherri Kroll and Sionainn “Cinnamon” Pryce-Hynes for their time and expertise to make this website come to life.


All About Community Living

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Community Living North Perth is a not-for-profit charity. We champion and advocate for the inclusion and citizenship of  people with developmental disabilities in North Perth.